Photo Correction

Photos needing advanced restoration i.e. —remove deep scratches, remove rip marks, major color correction, major dust stains etc. $30.00 per half hour

Photo Printing: for Scrapbooking Purposes

Photo Printing: for Scrapbooking Purposes

4 x 6 5 x 5 5 x 7 8 x 8 8 x 10
$ 0.35 $ 0.80 $ 1.20 $ 3.60 $ 3.60
8 x 12 11 x 14 12 x 12 12 x 18 16 x 20
$ 3.60 $ 5.50 $ 5.50 $ 5.50 $ 9.50

*Please Note: Photo printing is a service we offer for our clients who have digital photos and want us to scrapbook an embellished 3D beautiful– traditional album. We will print the photos from your digital files —that we feel will be best for scrapbooking— giving us ample choices to create amazing layouts. The majority of prints will be printed 4 x 6, a handful of prints, will be recommended for enlargements to create diversity and great layouts.

Extra Copies of CD’s and/or DVD’s

We provide 2 copies included in every order. Extra copies.  $20.00 per CD/DVD

Upgrade to Blu-Ray

Upgrade your order to a Blu-Ray disk. Blu-Ray disks holds more data than CD or DVD’s. $25.00 per disk

Basic Slideshow of your scanned photos, slides and negatives

Memvio specializes in amazing, “state-of-the-art” productions of your precious photos and memorabilia. We, of course highly recommend you order one of our custom made, unique, amazing Memvio Picture Videos for the ultimate experience in picture video celebrations.  We believe something is better than nothing however, and offer “the very basic” photo in for 6 seconds with a 2 second basic transition and then onto the next photo—picture slideshow.

$49.00 per 100 photos.
We can add music — approximately 4 songs per 100 photos.
Total: $89.00 per 100 photos (includes basic editing)

*Please Note: All photos are placed into the slideshow in the order the photos were scanned. You choose your songs, we will purchase them from i-Tunes. Prices do not include scanning of your photos, or customized labels or cases.  Basic DVD case provided.

One DVD is included in the basic slideshow pricing.


Do you have your own or would you like professional narration (voice over) incorporated into your picture video? Call to discuss pricing.

Live Interview— (oral video biography, oral legacy videos, oral video memoirs)

Are you interested in an Oral Video Biography and/or Oral History added to your Life Story Picture Video? How amazing it is having your loved one tell his or her family history and personal stories, (enjoying his or her emotions ranging from—-laughter-tears, sentimental-celebrative). What a great gift to be passed down for many generations to come.  Call to discuss pricing

Work one-on-one with a pro scrap booker and/or editor

Do you want a very, hands on experience working on your picture video and/or scrapbook?  Be your own director with our professional scrap booker and/or editor. $60.00 an hour

Mini-Clip videos organized into a modern-day “home-movie”

Do you have an incredible number of mini-clip videos on your cellphone, backed-up onto a hard drive or floating throughout social media? Well, you are not alone. Another very popular service memvio offers— is to turn your mini-clip videos into a modern-age take, on “home movies”. Embellished or “As-Is”, don’t risk losing your fun, unique mini-videos.

Embellished video clips:
1) up to 15 minutes (average 30-40) mini-clips: $179.99
2) up to 30 minutes (average 60 -80) mini-clips: $329.99
3) up to 45 minutes (average 90-100) mini-clips: $489.99
4) up to 60 minutes (average 120 -160) mini-clips: $639.99

Non-Embellished (“as-is”) video clips:
1) up to 15 minutes (average 30-40) mini-clips: $99.99
2) up to 30 minutes (average 60 -80) mini-clips: $199.99
3) up to 45 minutes (average 90-100) mini-clips: $299.99
4) up to 60 minutes (average 120 -160) mini-clips: $399.99

**Embellished and Non-Embellished Demos are displayed in the picture video portfolio

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